Visy01l   This international project involved three large Boiler modules being uplifted from the fabricators production plant in Thailand and delivered to the installation site in Melbourne Australia. Due to the height restrictions between Port Melbourne and the final destination, the main Furnace section was transported by road in ‘bookends’ to keep within a maximum height of 5.4m.
Visy02l The project was 2.5 years in the complex transport planning process. The Furnace section from fabricators to the loading Port in Thailand was carried out over a three day period. In Australia the inland delivery to Coolaroo was completed over two nights.


  • Furnace section 22.0m x 6.5m x 5.2m 110 tonnes
  • Generating Bank 11.5m x 7.7m x 3.8m 68 tonnes
  • Economiser module 10.4m x 5.5m x 3.6m 45 tonnes




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