Te Uku01   The Project involved 28 wind turbines from Port of Auckland for transport to Te Uku Wind Farm 270 km South West of Auckland. Turbine components began arriving at the Port during September 2010.
Te Uku02   Responsibilities included: Discharge from heavy lift ships hook and movement to a temporary wharf storage site. Progressively road transport all cargo through the city of Auckland to the Project site. Receive at site and handle through to final installation.
Te Uku03  

Main components:

  • 84 blades 49.5m x 3.2m x 3.6m each weighing 15 tonnes
  • 84 towers up to 36m x 4.2m x 4.2m each weighing 56 tonnes
  • 28 Nacelles each weighing 85 tonnes
  • 80 ISO container loads
  • 75,500 cubic tonnes of loose stow support equipment
Te Uku04   Additional work Scope included: Leasing 15,500sqm of hard stand and at the Port site. Preparing all components for road transport. Arranged with local council on route to raise an overhead bridge to a permanent new height to allow all loads to travel on a more direct route between Port and project site.




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