Inland Transportation   Global Transport was contracted to transport this heavy lift consignment from Mundra in India to the Worsley Aluminium Smelter in West Australia, located 170kms south east of Perth.
Loading Mundra  

The Project included road transport, shipping, customs clearance and Global’s Richard Hyde, being onsite in India to direct operations, prior to shipment to Australia.

Onboard Ship  

The two boilers, each measured 14m long x 6.5m wide x 7.3m high and weighing 125t each. They were first moved from the manufacturing plant to the port a trip taking 5 hours with a few obstacles. A major consideration was that the centre of gravity for the boilers is offset, so loading them correctly on the trailers was important. 

Once the boilers arrived at the port, they were loaded aboard the heavy lift ship Ocean 7. From Mundra the ship headed south on a direct 14-day trip to Bunbury, West Australia.

Following ship discharge at Bunbury they were transferred to trailers and prepared for transport over 50 kilometres to the aluminium smelter.

    Richard Hyde Directing OperationsRichard Hyde directing operations
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